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Check Out Our Latest Feature With AIM2Flourish

Check Out Our Latest Feature With AIM2Flourish

We are most delighted to be advised that our innovation story ‘Fulfilling the Aussie Dream’ has been published on AIM2Flourish.com.

So humbled to learn our contributions make it possible for AIM2Flourish.com to host the world’s largest collection of student-written stories about business innovations for good and the UN Global Goals.

As well as being published on AIM2Flourish.com and shared on social media, our story is now an eligible nomination for one of the 17 Flourish Prizes to be awarded in Spring 2020 in Cleveland and at regional celebrations around the world.  How exciting is that!

We are so grateful to AIM2Flourish for having us an essential member of your global community and look forward to collaborating with you in the quest for Affordable Housing solutions for the mankind.

Congrats to our mentee, Alkessh Dixit of Monash Business School for the tremendous job you’ve done. Keep it up!

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